About Us

We, at Rain Media, offer a full suite of internet services that includes online advertising, corporate website development and maintenance, and email marketing. With a highly creative and professional team, we ensure that you reap maximum benefits from going online. Radiorain, launched by Rain Media is the world's first integrated social networking site combined with radio, tv and live video chat. Members can tune into different radio channels, watch television, participate in live discussions, video-chat with their dear ones, blog about just anything they want, and simply stay connected with the world round the clock all under one roof. It is not just a networking tool to keep them in sync with their surroundings but also a wonderful way of indulging in their own nostalgia through the realm of music, undeterred by the boundaries of time and space.Rain Media Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Barkath Group that has operations in Real Estate and Property Development, Hospitality Services, HR and Management Consultancy and Engineering Services.

To become a premier media and communications company that is committed to staying fresh by implementing new and innovative ideas.
To achieve customer satisfaction by providing highly creative, catchy, customer-centric and cost-effective media solutions tailored to client requirements through a dedicated team of professionals and thus, set new benchmarks for the industry
Customer Service Excellence
Pioneering Technology
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