Q.. How long does it take to build a Web site?

Like anything, a good Web site takes time. Because rainmedia.in focuses on custom solutions, we need to work with you to develop your site to meet your needs. It's a very interactive process that will evolve into a fantastic web site for your organization. That being said, to build a Web site properly and thoroughly, you can expect an average timeline of 2-10 weeks. Many sites will take longer due to their complexity, but one of the first things that we deliver is a detailed timeline for the project. With solid communication from our clients, we meet each stage of the project and deliver our web sites on time and within budget.

Q.. Why can't I find pricing on your site?

Rainmedia builds a wide range of web sites, and each site is custom built. That means custom graphics and custom functionality - specifically for your needs and built for your audience. So naturally, we need to sit down with you and truly think through your web site (with you!) before we can deliver a proposal with a cost estimate. Contact us today and set up an in-person or phone meeting to learn how rainmedia.in can help you with YOUR web site. Besides, the initial meeting is free, so give us a call!

Q.. Does location matter?

No. rainmedia.in is headquartered in Calicut, But whether you're near us or not, we are happy to be your Web development partner. Being in the online industry makes it both possible and easy to work together regardless of physical location.

Q. Where can I submit my Request For Proposal?

Ans: All RFP's can be submitted via e-mail to info@rainmedia.in, via fax at (0495) 306-2666, or via postal mail to 1st floor, EVG Complex Jawahar nagar colony road, Near sales tax office, Calicut-673006. Once received, an account representative will follow up with you in response.
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