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Federal Bank Calicut Mini Marathon 2011
An entire year after the mini-Marathon was first introduced to the city of Calicut by students of the Social Service Group at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, it returned yet again. The Federal Bank Calicut Mini Marathon 2011 was organized by the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode's Social Service Group in association with the District Sports Council and the Usha School of Athletics on the 6th February 2011. The marathon last year saw more than 6000 people running together to spread the spirit of being the change they wanted to see in society. Through 'The IIMK-SSG Marathon 2011' the Social Service Group at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode aimed to go a step further from 'Being the change' to concentrating on 'Transforming lives', the theme for the IIMK-SSG Marathon 2011.

Theme - " Transforming Lives "
"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future"

This quote by John F. Kennedy succinctly sumed up our beliefs and outlined the aim of the Calicut mini-marathon 2011. With the theme "Transforming Lives", the 2011 marathon aimed to mobilize the public to take up the cause of educating specially abled children and creating awareness and sensitivity about the issue of social inclusiveness of differently abled children. All donations from the marathon were directed to Navajyothi Charitable Trust's 'Prashanti School for Children with Special Needs' in Calicut.

Event- 'Catalysts of Tranformation'
The Federal Bank Calicut Marathon 2011 aimed to induce a change in mindset of the society with regards the way we perceive those who may be physically or mentally different from us. And for such a precise change in outlook, what was necessary was an interaction with these very children for it is human tendency to stereotype everything that they do not know. Also it is important that the change begin with the youth. So it is for this precise reason that the Social Service Group at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode instituted a unique program-cum-competition coinciding with the Calicut Marathon wherein SSG provided a list of special schools which students from colleges and schools in Calicut could visit. The NSS teams in the respective colleges arranged the visits to these special schools wherein the college students could spend time with the specially abled students in any way they want – they could play with them, teach them, take them out for a picnic. The sole purpose was to spend quality time with them and get a glimpse of the world through their eyes.

Students were then required to create banners and posters based on their experiences and insights gained from these visits and carry these with them to the Marathon. These banners were displayed through the length of the marathon and were judged for their creativity, execution and enthusiasm. Students from NIT Calicut, Farooq College, Holy Cross College and KMCT Polytechnic participated in this unique event, where NIT Calicut finally emerged victoriuos.

2011 Results

Position Category Name
1 Men Soji Mathew
2 Men Irappa D. Akki
(MRC Sports Club)
3 Men Chahar Y. S.
Navy (Ernakulam)
1 Women Priyanka Singh Patel
2 Women Sushama Devi
3 Women Rameshwari

Event Partners and NGOs
The marathon was jointly organized by the Social Service Group of IIM Kozhikode. The Social Service group has been involved in a host of social development activities in and around Kozhikode and provides support to the weaker sections of the society. This inaugural edition of Mini Marathon was conceptualized and organized at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode. IIMK, being a leader in many fields of managerial education, possesed the motivation needed to be the leader in organizing an event of this caliber in Calicut


The event partners included the Usha School of Athletics. P.T Usha and her friends in her native place chalked out a meticulous plan to launch the Usha School of Athletics in Koyilandy to train the young blood in Indian Athletics. A Rs 20 Crore project, the school, P.T. Usha says, will be the country's premier institute for training young talent. The brilliant performance of U.S.H.A students in the national and state championships, in the infancy of the school itself makes us confident that more and more medals are on the way in the National Meets, Asian Games, World Junior Championships etc., culminating in 2012 Olympics and the successive events.


Navajyothi Charitable Trust's Prasanthi School for Children with Special Needs, Pantheerankavu, Calicut imparts scientific training to children with mental retardation. Around 60 students get training from 15 special teachers. The school also offers services of pediatrician and child psychiatrist, physiotherapist and speech therapist. All services are totally free to deserving students and free lunch is offered to all students. Recognized by the Department of General Education, Govt. of Kerala, the school has received the award for the "Best School in Kerala catering to children with disabilities" for the year 2005 and 2007.


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